Higher Love Cannabis Co.

Higher Love is the number one dispensary in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan serving fine cannabis provisions and are a tourist destination for the entire midwest. They have grown from zero to five stores in only 9 short months.

The Mission

Higher Love had a goal in mind - to be the top dispensary in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, and that's what they did in only nine short months. We provided them with a full suite of services including brand strategy, identity, media production, advertising, web design, and collateral design.

Brand Identity

We created an identity that was unique to anything around, to help attract the local community and customers in the entire Midwest. Our brand identity helped influence the store design appearances to create a modern but lively feel.

Our mini doc created for Higher Love

Product and lifestyle shots to lift up the Higher Love brand.

Created a line of branded merch.

Ambassador box

We created an ambassador box for promotion among select customers, giveaways, and on online platforms.

People are living better lives thanks to cannabis.

Bespoke website design