About Mainux


We are a multidisciplinary creative marketing agency based in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon with a focus on cannabis and lifestyle brands.

Meet The Team

Mainux is equipped with a team of super talented marketers, designers, and developers who use the latest marketing production tools and technology. We're your outsourced in-house team, ready to handle projects at any scale.

“"You have to start with the customer experience and work your way back to technology."”

Steve JobsFounder of Apple, Pixar
Fractional CMO, Founder

Zach Mainello

Zach is the founder of Mainux, where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company, as well as acting as a fractional CMO for clients – offering executive solutions to branding and marketing at a fraction of a full-time executive.

Zach was born in Roswell, NM (yes, the place with the aliens) and grew up with a father who was an artist and graphic designer himself. His dad was an early influence on instilling creativity at a young age, but instead of following in his steps from the start he decided to pursue business and marketing.

Since starting Mainux (previously Mainello Montage), Zach’s worked with numerous clients both big and small solving issues from brand strategy, awareness, identity, and management. Zach has gained experience from working with clients outside the space, specifically in tech, and brings that experience into a similarly thriving industry.

Based in austin, texas – Zach enjoys activities outdoors, being active, and traveling the globe.

Creative Director

Rob Boyle

Born and raised in northern NJ, Rob began his design career working as the head of a small print shop in vermont. There, he sharpened his skills while producing and selling his own artwork before moving to Portland, OR to freelance full time.

Originally working with local agencies as a hired gun, Rob soon began collaborating directly with clients as a freelance creative director. He has now joined mainux and serves as the studios branding lead and creative director.

Over the years, rob has worked with notable clients such as nike, converse, lyft, chefsfeed, and mr. moxeys, as well as a number of local portland businesses.

Marketing Manager

Sage Morgante

Sage is a writer, digital marketing innovator, and cannabis enthusiast who inspires and empowers clients to create marketing that customers will love, igniting genuine results for your business. She encourages companies to escape marketing mediocrity and achieve tangible results—inspiring clients to do work they are proud of.

Sage lives in northern Virginia, where she is mom to creatures two- and four-legged. She is an NBA fan, sustainable artist, and novice dancing queen.

Sage escapes it all by retreating to her she-shed, which houses a collection of art and rare plants.

Development Lead

Steve Herzog

Steve is an exceptional wizard when it comes to full stack development both for web and mobile applications. He has extensive experience, with over eight years of working with a range of both front-end and back-end languages, building some exciting technology for up and coming startups including Expensify – who recently went public.

As our technical lead, steve delivers the client with a digital product that they can trust and scale as their business grows.

Prior to being a developer, Steve was a music teacher, performing musician and theater artist. Steve lives in minneapolis and enjoys hanging out with his family.

UIUX Design

David Waters

David is self-taught, multidisciplinary designer and front-end developer with a focus on crafting experiences.

David is passionate about clean, functional design with a minimalist aesthetic. He loves the process of developing an initial concept into a polished product and solving problems with elegant solutions.

Media Production

Adam Saccheti

Adam is seasoned photographer and videographer, shooting for brands around the world. He has always been drawn to being behind the lens, bringing vision to life through his productions both in film and photo.

Whether it’s storytelling, commercializing content, or creating video that is intended for change, he loves to be a part of it. He thrives in shooting in the outdoors, as well as tackling the challenges that come with it. His main goal is to evoke emotion while making each project as unique and enjoyable as possible to be a part of.

When he’s not shooting for a client, he’s wearing a Go-pro going back country skiing, flying a drone in the mountains of Hawaii, or adventuring in the jungle of Thailand. At the very least, he’s an avid adventurer.

Solving Pain Points

Everything we do at Mainux consists of providing solutions for our clients issues. Those include raising awareness in specific geographic areas, building distribution channels for new products, and designing a unique experience for each customer.

We put the needs of the user at the center of everything we create, which is the most powerful way to start and finish each project.


Build an environment for growth.

Give everyone the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.


Always overdeliver to clients and customers.

Go above and beyond expectations for each client project.


Build things that inspire and help people.

Build and design materials that are people-centric.